Jala #1 dragon fruit

Jala #1 dragon fruit dragon fruit

The first time I encountered the Jala #1 Dragon Fruit, I was completely taken aback by its unique, vibrant appearance. But what makes this fruit truly remarkable is what lies beneath the surface.


The Jala №1 Dragon Fruit is a special variety of pitaya, or dragon fruit, known for its bright pink flesh and distinct taste.

Dragon fruits, including this variety, have a fascinating backstory that’s deeply intertwined with different cultures and environments.

Climate: Tropical
Sunlight: Medium / full sun
Weight:~500 grams
Flavor: 3 out of 5
Fruit production: 3 out of 5
Growing: 3 out of 5


There’s something magical about growing your own dragon fruits. Let’s delve into the ideal conditions and process for cultivating “Jala” dragonfruit.

The cultivation process involves planting cuttings, training the growth on a trellis, and awaiting the bloom of the beautiful, large flowers that turn into the fruits.

Ideal conditions for cultivation:

  • Climate. Dragon fruits prefer a tropical or subtropical climate, with plenty of sunlight and minimal frost.
  • Soil. They’re also quite tolerant of different soil types, but they prefer well-drained soil with a bit of sandy texture.

Jala #1 dragon fruit

Nutritional value

The Jala #1 is more than just a beautiful and unique-tasting fruit—it’s also packed with nutrients that benefit our health.

Health benefits:

  1. Vitamins and minerals. It’s rich in vitamin C and several essential minerals like calcium and iron.
  2. Fiber and antioxidants. Not only that, but it’s also a good source of dietary fiber and contains powerful antioxidants, which help combat harmful free radicals in our bodies.

Personal experience

I still remember the first time I tasted this sort. After cutting through the leathery red skin, I was greeted by the sight of its dark red flesh, speckled with tiny black seeds.

Its taste was subtly sweet, with a hint of earthiness, and the texture was wonderfully crunchy, somewhat similar to a kiwi.


From its unique appearance to its nutritional benefits and distinctive taste, the Jala no. 1 Dragon Fruit is undoubtedly a fruit worth exploring. Whether you’re a fruit enthusiast or just someone looking for new, exciting flavors, I’d highly recommend giving this dragon fruit variety a try.


Is “Jala no.1” self-fertile?
No, it is self-sterile.
Where was this variety bred?
Most likely, it was bred in Mexico.
Anna Gorelova
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