Jc02 dragon fruit

Jc02 dragon fruit dragon fruit

Dragon fruit is a rare and exotic fruit that is full of flavor and nutrition. Originating from Central America, it is now found in many parts of the world. This particular variety, JC02 dragon fruit, is one of the most rare types, with its unique characteristics making it stand out from other varieties.


Jc02 is a variety of dragon fruit with dark red flesh with a firm texture. It is a Nicaraguan variety, and it has a sweet and flavorful taste. It typically weighs 1 to 1 and a half pounds, and has an oval shape. Its external appearance is dark red with green-tipped fins. The first fruit tested in 2021 had an average brix score of 16.

Genus: Hylocereus
Plant type: Cacti
Outside color: Red
Pulp color: Dark red
Taste: It's better you don't know!
Soil pH: Neutral
Exposure: Full sun to shade
Water: Little water
Soil: Rich organic matter plus sand
Flavor: 3 out of 5
Appearance: 4 out of 5
Fruit production: 3 out of 5
Home planting: 3 out of 5
Commercial planting: 1 out of 5

As we say, it is known for its sweet, juicy flesh and is a popular variety in many tropical countries. It is also known for its high nutritional value and for being a good source of dietary fiber, iron, and vitamin C. The JCO2 pitaya sort typically has a fruit weight of 0.5-075 lb (225-350 grams).


In conclusion,Jc02 pitahaya is an incredible, unique, and delicious fruit that is sure to bring delight to all who try it. Not only does its flavor and texture stand out from other fruit, but its beautiful appearance will liven up any dish. With its many benefits for health and wellness, there really isn’t any reason not to give it a try!

Unfortunately, we still know very little about him. But we’ll be sure to tell you as soon as we learn something new about him.

Jc02 ripe dragon fruit photo


What other famous Nicaraguan varieties are there?
There are quite a few of them. Our favorites are Lisa, Rosa and San Ignacio.
Is Jc01 dragonfruit self pollinating?
Yea, It can make fruit with its own pollen.
Michael Gorelov
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