Kim Yellow dragon fruit

Kim Yellow dragon fruit dragon fruit

Kim Yellow dragon fruit is a unique and exotic variety of dragon fruit, also known as pitaya. It is characterized by its vibrant yellow skin and sweet, juicy white flesh that is speckled with small black seeds.


The Kim’s Yellow dragonfruit is a relatively new variety, developed in Vietnam through selective breeding of different dragon fruit species. It is believed to be a hybrid of the red and white pitahaya varieties.

One of the standout features of the “Kim’s”  is its high nutritional content. It is packed with essential vitamins and minerals, including vitamin C, fiber, calcium, and iron. Additionally, it contains potent antioxidants that help to boost the immune system and protect against various diseases.

Plant type:Perennial / vine / fruit
Size:H: 6'-20'; W: 6'-20'
Weight:~ 450 grams
Taste:It's sour-sweet
Flavor:4 out of 5
Appearance:5 out of 5
Production:3 out of 5
Home planting:5 out of 5
Commercial planting:4 out of 5

This sort is also a low-calorie fruit, making it an excellent option for those who are watching their weight. Its naturally sweet flavor makes it a healthy and satisfying alternative to sugary snacks and desserts.

In terms of culinary applications, it is incredibly versatile. It can be eaten raw, sliced and added to salads, blended into smoothies, or used as a topping for desserts like ice cream or yogurt.

Kim Yellow dragon fruit


Overall, the Kim Yellow dragon fruit is a delicious and healthy fruit that is sure to add a splash of vibrant color to any dish. Its unique flavor and nutritional benefits make it a must-try for anyone looking to expand their culinary horizons.


Is "Kim Yellow" self-fertile?
Yes, it is self-pollinating.
Where was this variety bred?
Most likely, it was bred in the Vietnam.
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