Maui dragon fruit

Maui dragon fruit dragon fruit

Maui dragon fruit is a unique and exotic fruit found in Hawaii. Its vibrant colors, sweet taste, and incredible health benefits make it a popular snack for locals and tourists alike. This superfood is bursting with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, healthy fats, and fiber, making it a great addition to any diet. From its beautiful deep pink hue to its delicate white flesh, Maui dragon fruit is sure to catch your eye — and your taste buds!


Maui Dragon is a type of dragonfruit from the Hylocereus genus and the undatus species. It was found on the east side of the island of Maui, Hawaii. This is a fast-growing variety, so be prepared for it to add about 6 feet tall every year.

Flavor:4 out of 5
Appearance:4 out of 5
Fruit production: 5 out of 5
Home planting: 4 out of 5
Commercial planting:4 out of 5

Like most Hylocereus undatus, this type usually starts to bloom in June. With its bright pink skin and dark green fins, the fruit is so pretty that it almost looks like a fake. This variety with white flesh has very different Brix values depending on the surrounding natural conditions.

Thus, we have seen values ranging from 14 and up to 20. The weight of the fruit, like sweetness, also depends on where it is grown. In the best conditions, the weight can reach 750 grams. But most often the weight of a ripe fruit does not exceed 500-550 grams.


The fruits that Maui pitahaya grows are red with green tips and have white, tasty flesh on the inside. Maui is a great variety with a mid-high yield and self-pollination.

Maui ripe dragon fruit photo


Will dragon fruit grow in Hawaii?
The majority of dragon fruit is currently farmed commercially in Vietnam, Thailand, and southern China. This plant is grown in the Philippines, Micronesia, Israel, Australia, and Hawaii, where the environment is excellent for pitahaya cultivation.
Does dragon fruit grow on Maui?
Maui pitaya Farm is a 27-acre organic farm approved by the USDA. It is located in West Maui, approximately five minutes from Lahaina by car. The farm specializes in the cultivation of dragonfruit and other unique, delectable fruits.
What is dragon fruit called in Hawaii?
Pitahaya, night-blooming cereus, strawberry pear and pniniokapunahou or ppipi pua are some of the other names for this fruit (in Hawaii).
Where is dragon fruit grown in Hawaii?
Local legend says that most of the red-on-the-outside, white-on-the-inside dragon fruits grown in Hawaii are related to the famous night-blooming cereus hedge that grows along Wilder Avenue in front of Punahou School.
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