Black africanis Dragon fruit

Black africanis Dragon fruit dragon fruit

Black africanis and Black dragon are often confused because of their almost complete similarity. The difference is that Black dragon comes from the Philippines, and Black afrikanis from Indonesia. Since we do not know about the other differences (brix rate, size, etc.), we decided to combine the information in one topic.


It is a very rare hybrid of Ocamponis x coniflorus x megalanthus hybrid with lots of thorns. The spines are very sharp and don’t come off the skin. Only a small fruit about the size of a Voodoo Child or Baby Cerrado. The color of the pulp is very similar to Desert king, only a little darker. Black fruits (slightly unripe fruit has a dark red color) are small in size, on average from 120 to 190 grams.

Peel color:Dark red, black
Flesh color:Dark pink / blackish red
Pollination:Self fertile
Sun:Full to part sun
Growth rate:5 out of 5
Weather tolerance:4 out of 5
Fruit production:5 out of 5
Flavor:4 out of 5
Home planting:3 out of 5
Commercial planting:2 out of 5

It’s important to note that many photos of so-called “black fruits” on the internet are heavily photoshopped. It’s easy to change the saturation and tone of a photo of a piece of fruit. Some of them even have a filter that makes the skin look smoother.

Anna Gorelova
Anna Gorelova

Is the same trick as the blue Japanese maple seeds. If you see a fruit in a digital photo that is a bright and unusual color, it is most likely a fake or the colors have been pumped up artificially. Cheap phones with bad cameras do this all the time to hide how bad they are.

But this variety is real, but its skin is so prickly that I doubt it could ever be grown on a large scale. It can be bought in the US, but I think it would be pretty hard to find. I think it would be a great piece of fruit if you could get rid of the spines and keep the taste. An extremely prolific variety.


Dark Afrikanis is an extremely rare and understudied variety with good taste and fast growth. However, it also has significant disadvantages, namely a huge number of thorns and low fruit weight.

Black africanis ripe Dragon fruit photo


Is Black dragon self-pollinating?
Self-fertile. It can make fruit with its own pollen.
What does black dragon fruit taste like?
When it's ripe, pitaya tastes mildly sweet, like a mix of pear and kiwi, and has a soft texture like a ripe kiwi. On the other hand, dragon fruit that isn't ripe enough to eat has almost no taste.
Is dragonfruit the healthiest fruit?
Pitahaya is full of good things for your immune system, like vitamin C and other antioxidants. It can help you get more iron. Iron is important because it helps your body move oxygen around and gives you energy. Dragon fruit has iron. And the vitamin C in dragon fruit makes it easier for your body to absorb the iron and use it.
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