Enigma dragon fruit

Enigma dragon fruit dragon fruit

The Enigma dragonfruit variety was bred very recently. According to our data, it was bred in 2020. The variety is self-sterile, which means it will need another plant for pollination. The weight of the fruit is medium. The skin is red and the flesh is white. Brix performance and other details are not yet known. We are waiting for flowers and fruit to appear on our plant to tell you more.

Unfortunately, we cannot supplement the information we know with data from the Internet. In the only source we found on the Net we found only this:

The enigma dragon fruit is a hybrid fruit that was created by crossing the Pitaya and Hylocereus undatus species. The enigma dragon fruit is also known as the strawberry pear or the Pitahaya. The enigma dragon fruit has a red skin with white flesh and black seeds. This plant is native to Central America and South America. The enigma pitahaya is high in fiber, vitamin C, and antioxidants. This sort is often used to make jelly, jam, and other desserts. The enigma dragon fruit is also a great snack eaten raw.

And this video, which shows a glimpse of a seedling:


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