Kona Brazil dragon fruit

Kona Brazil dragon fruit dragon fruit

Kona Brazil dragon fruit is one of the most exotic and delicious fruits found in nature. It’s a unique, deep pink-skinned fruit which can be eaten both raw and cooked.


This hybrid developed by crossing a variety from Hawaii. Produces beautiful, tasty, round-shaped fruits with dark red skin and purple flesh, very sweet and of good size. The average weight is 0.50-0.75 lbs. Needs cross-pollination. Brix: 17-18%.

Latin name: Hylocereus guatemalensis x H. undatus
Preferred climate: Tropical, subtropical
Outside color:Red
Pulp color:Purple / magenta
Taste:Similar to a kiwi-grape
Sun:Full to part sun
Max height:2-5m
Suitability in pots:Yes, with 35L+ pot
Water requirements:Drought hardy
Preferred soil type: Perfect drainage (sand / volcanic)
Soil pH:Neutral (6.6-7.3pH)
Flavor:5 out of 5
Appearance:5 out of 5
Production:3 out of 5
Home planting:3 out of 5
Commercial planting:3 out of 5

It has a mild flavor that takes you to the tropics and is much sweeter than some of the more common types. This variety can grow in subtropical climates and can deal with short frosts.


In conclusion, Kona Brazil dragon fruit is an amazing and unique tropical fruit that can be enjoyed in a variety of ways. It has a mild, sweet flavor with a hint of tartness that makes it incredibly versatile and delicious. With its dazzling pink exterior and soft magenta flesh, it makes for an eye-catching snack or dessert.

Kona Brazil white dragonfruit - real variety or fiction? We're not sure it really exists
Kona Brazil white dragonfruit – real variety or fiction? We’re not sure it really exists


Does purple dragon fruit taste different?
The purple/red pitahaya is sweeter than the white dragon fruit, but not as sweet as the yellow dragon fruit. In the end, it can be thought of as a mix. They are usually a little bit smaller than the white ones with a red or pink skin, but they taste great.
Is purple dragon fruit healthy?
Pitaya is full of good things for your immune system, like vitamin C and other antioxidants. It can help you get more iron. Iron is important because it helps your body move oxygen around and gives you energy. Dragon fruit has iron. And the vitamin C in dragon fruit makes it easier for your body to absorb the iron and use it.
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