Mexicana dragon fruit

Mexicana dragon fruit dragon fruit

This type comes from Mexico, as the name suggests. Growth is typical for H. undatus. This plant grows quickly, self-pollinates, and makes a lot of seeds.


The species undatus is in the genus Hylocereus, which is where the Mexicana Dragon Fruit comes from. The 1- to 1.5-pound fruits have bright pink skin and white insides. This fruit really stands out. The average brix score of the fruit is 15, and it has a nice acidity aftertaste.

Self-pollinating: Yes
Skin color: Bright red
Flesh color: White
Days to harvest: ~32-40
Weather tolerance:4 out of 5
Fruit production:4 out of 5
Flavor: 5 out of 5
Growing:4 out of 5

Once the flower is pollinated, it takes about 32 days for the fruit to be ready to pick. This type of plant grows very well and can also pollinate itself. Because of these two things, it’s a great plant for beginners to grow.

Plant facts

  • Fruits have white flesh and a pinkish red skin. They look nice and have long bracts;
  • It was brought to Mexico from Nicaragua;
  • Fruit oblong, big, 552 g, skin pinkish red, thin, flesh very firm, white, with many small black seeds;
  • 14.04 – 15 Brix;
  • It is recommended to plant it in small pots of maximum 10 cm diameter with a very draining soil for easy and quick rooting;
  • 40 days from bloom to harvest in Southern California. Harvest very concentrated, mid-July to mid-October;
  • Plant has thin but wide, long, triangular stems with 3 clear ridges. Mature stems are green with a brown, hard stripe on the ridges. Areoles have 3–5 conic spines that are the same size and arranged in a triangular pattern. Segment between areoles is convex and 53.3 mm long;
  • Pitaya mexicana can handle both cold and heat well, but it usually doesn’t do well in cold, damp conditions. It’s good for both growing in your backyard and growing for sale.

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Mexicana Dragon – Hylocereus undatus. The medium-sized to large fruits have pink skin and white flesh. This variety is self-fertile and doesn’t need to be pollinated by hand. Great for people just starting out.

Mexicana ripe dragon fruit photo


What is Mexican dragon fruit?
Dragon fruit, or pitahaya / pitaya as it is called in the area, is one fruit that helps small farmers stay in business. Mexican red is a big, oval-shaped fruit. It tastes like a kiwi and a pear got together.
Which country dragonfruit is best?
Today, Vietnam is the biggest exporter of Dragon Fruit in the world. In fact, Dragon Fruit sales make up 55% of Vietnam's fruit exports. All over Southeast Asia, people like to eat this fruit.
Which dragon fruit has the most flavor?
The yellow dragonfruit, also called the yellow pitahaya, is the sweetest and tastiest of all the dragon fruits. This type of dragon fruit is one of the most popular because of how good it tastes. The red pitahaya is a bit bigger than the yellow one, but the yellow one is sweeter and has more juice.
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