Santa Barbara dragon fruit

Santa barbara dragon fruit dragon fruit

In recent years, the popularity of dragon fruit has exploded. This exotic fruit is now widely available in supermarkets across the country. But what is dragon fruit, and where does it come from?

Native to Central and South America, dragon fruit is the fruit of a cactus plant. The most common type of dragon fruit is pink with green scales, but it can also be white or red. Dragon fruit is low in calories and fat, and high in fiber and antioxidants.

There are over 100 varieties of dragonfruit, and we’ll tell you about each one systematically. In this topic we would also like to give a short background on a variety called “Santa barbara” (also called SB red).


Red dragon cactus Santa Barbara – a hybrid of hylocereus polyrhizus X undatus. The fruits produced by this cactus are dark red with red tips and have kiwi-like, dark red or deep purple flesh that is edible and excellent.

Plant type: Cacti and houseplants
Growth stage: Vegetative
Brix: 19-21
Pollination: Self fertile
USDA Hardiness:9b-11
Fruit taste:Sweet taste
Skin color:
Flesh color:Deep purple
Height / length:Mature Height 5-10 FT (2-3 m)
Sun requirement / light:Full to partial sun, exposure to the south, east, or west
Color of flower: White
Water:Little water needed once established
Fertilization:Fertilize in spring with a well-balanced fertilizer
Pruning:Prune as needed to control growth and spread
Cold hardy:20-25°
Soil type:Well drained
Weather tolerance:4 out of 5
Fruit production:4 out of 5

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Santa Barbara Red is an excellent self-pollinating, mid-yielding, medium-sized, 0.75 to 1.0-pound cultivar.

The marvel of its gently sweet, is revealed by slicing in half or peeling off the soft and prickly magenta rind. Its interior is soft and pleasant, with tiny edible seeds floating throughout. Add to salads or smoothies, but consume raw.


Dragon fruit is native to Central and South America, and the Santa Barbara red dragon fruit is a hybrid of these two continents. The Santa Barbara dragon fruit is a large, red fruit with green scales. The fruit is sweet and has a delicate flavor. The Santa Barbara dragon fruit is a popular choice for salads, desserts, and smoothies.

Santa barbara ripe dragon fruit photo


What time of year do dragon fruit trees bloom?
This exotic jungle plant typically blooms between early summer and mid-fall. The flowers of the night-blooming dragon fruit cactus only last one evening. Visit your garden in the wee hours of the morning or after dark with a flashlight if you wish to see the spectacular display.
Is purple or white dragon fruit better?
Compared to dragon fruits with a white interior, fruits with a red /purple interior are sweeter and more succulent.
Which variety is most similar in appearance and taste to this one?
In our opinion, the most similar variety called American Beauty.
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