Sour Patch Watermelon dragon fruit

Sour Patch Watermelon dragon fruit dragon fruit

Sour Patch Watermelon (it is also called Sour Patch Kids or South Patch) is a rare dragon fruit variety with rich pink flesh.


It is common to observe Sour Patch Watermelon dragon fruits dangling from trees, fences, and buildings where the tall, thin, vining cactuses that bear them have taken root. This pitahaya variety is nearly indistinguishable from the white-fleshed type from the outside. The oblong, colorful fruits can reach a one and a half pounds in weight and measure around 10 centimeters in length.

Scientific name: Hylocereus guatemalensis
Plant type: Cacti and houseplants
Growth stage: Vegetative
Pollination: Self fertile
Growing zone:9B, 10A, 10B, 11A, 11B
Skin color:
Red or pink
Flesh color:Pink
Height / length:Mature Height 5-10 FT (2-3 m)
Mature width: 9-11 FT
Spacing:8-10 FT
Bloom season:Summer, Fall
Sun requirement / light:Full to partial sun, exposure to the south, east, or west
Color of flower: White
Water:Little water needed once established
Fertilization:Fertilize in spring with a well-balanced fertilizer
Pruning:Prune as needed to control growth and spread
Cold hardy:20-25°
Soil type:Well drained
Drought tolerance:
Growth rate:Fast
Growth habit:Climbing
Climate:Continental, humid continental, humid subtropical, Mediterranean, temperate
Weather tolerance:3 out of 5
Fruit production:3 out of 5

Their skin is pink to magenta in color and has the appearance of succulent, fleshy scales that overlap one another, leaving little, green-tipped protrusions along its length. With an average skin thickness of just 3 mm, the fruit’s high flesh-to-rind ratio is made possible by its slender form.

The chemical betacyanin is responsible for the brilliant pink flesh of this sort; it is also found in beets and prickly pear fruit. The pulp is similar to that of a kiwi fruit, and it contains tiny black seeds that can be eaten. This sort is sweet and mildly acidic.


In conclusion, the South Patch Watermelon dragon fruit is an amazing hybrid of two sweet fruits. It has a unique flavor that brings out the best of both fruits with its aroma, texture, and color. It’s sure to be a hit among any crowd of fruit lovers! Whether served in salads, on top of desserts, or just as a snack itself, you’re sure to be delighted by the taste of this wonderful creation.

South Patch Watermelon ripe dragon fruit photo


Is Sour Patch Watermelon dragonfruit self-pollinating?
This Dragon Fruit is self-fertile, which means you don't need another pollinator to get fresh, tropical fruits from it.
How do you grow Sour Patch Kids dragon fruit?
This pitaya Cactus needs to be in the sun 80-100% of the time. Depending on where you live, most plants do best in full sun. At the northern end of their growing zone, South Patch Watermelon Dragon Fruit Cactus should be brought inside or protected during the winter months.
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