Tricia dragon fruit

Tricia dragon fruit dragon fruit

Tricia is a very special type of dragon fruit that was created by Edgar Valdivia, a dragon fruit pioneer who also created the Asunta collection and other types. It has given birth to many Asunta, including the Asunta 5. This variety is a cross between El Grullo and an unknown Undatus.

According to one legend, the variety was named after the daughter of a member of the California Rare Fruit Growers Association. Yes, you guessed it, her name is Tricia.


It is a hybrid of Hylocereus ocamponis and a type of Hylocereus undatus Dragon Fruit. The plant grows quickly and has interesting stems that are grayish-green. The gray coating on the stem of the plant helps protect it from heat in the summer and cold in the winter. These stems are made up of long, thick pieces with three sides and big spines.

As an ornamental plant, it grows well as a vine and has big, sweet-smelling flowers. Easy to take care of and doesn’t need much care.

Plant Type:
Succulent perennial
Sunlight: Medium / full sun
Geographic origin:California
Color of flower:White
Soils:Well-drained soil
Hardiness: USDA Zones:10-11
Taste:Very sweet
Weight:500 to 800 grams
Fruit production:4

From bud to flower is 30 days, and from flower to fruit is another 30 days. When they bloom, the flowers are very impressive because they are brightly colored and can be up to 15 inches across. When the plant is fully grown, it blooms in the summer. The variety can’t make its own pollen, so it will need pollen from another variety that is compatible.

Both the flower and the fruit have a lot of fins with beautiful red tips. The color of the rind is red with a slight orange hue. The flesh is a deep red color and tastes very sweet.  The aftertaste is clean and makes you smile.

The fruit can measure close to 20 on a brix meter and can weigh more than 1 pound. Some people who have tried it say it tastes like sweet beets.

When somebody asked me:

What is your favorite Dragon fruit?

I always think about Tricia! Not only does Tricia stand out because of how beautiful it is, but when you take a bite out of it, the berry-like flavors that come out of each bite will make your body literally float!


Tricia tastes so sweet and grows fruit that weighs between 500 and 800 grams. Ideal for commercial growers or people who want to grow plants at home. This sort does not pollinate itself, and it grows quite quickly. The plant can survive in a wide range of weather conditions. It has a big stem with thorns that stand out. The red or magenta flesh of the fruit is juicy and tastes good. 18–19 brix on average.

Tricia ripe dragon fruit photo


Is Tricia dragon fruit self-pollinating?
This variety can't reproduce on its own, so it needs to be pollinated by another variety.
Do dragonfruit flowers only bloom once?
The flowers only last one night. They open late at night and close again when the sun comes up.
Do pitaya need lots of water?
As a tropical succulent, the pitahaya should only be watered when the soil is almost dry. A cactus will die for sure if it gets too much water. You can check how wet the soil is by sticking your finger or a yardstick about 3 inches into the soil.
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