Asunta 5 dragon fruit

Asunta 5 dragon fruit dragon fruit

Today we will talk about the last of the famous Asunta varieties, which received the fifth order number.


This variety, which many of you know as “Asunta 5 Edgar,” now has an official name: “Sunset Sherbet.” There is already an official Asunta 5, which we call “Asunta 5 Paco”, “La Palma” or “Kevin”. To stop people from getting confused, it has been given a new name.

Most likely, this confusion is caused by the fact that from harvest to harvest the color of the skin may vary slightly. For example, last year we had them slightly yellowish, but this year there is no trace of yellowishness and it’s dark brown.

Peel color:Yellowish-orange
Flesh color:Pink
Pollination:Requires Cross-Pollination
Taste:Very sweet, little tart
Days until harvest: 49-53 days
Fruit production:4 out of 5
Flavor:4 out of 5
Commercial planting:4 out of 5

The outside of this beautiful, rare dragonfruit is yellowish-orange, and the inside is light pink to deep fuchsia.

It tastes like red pitaya, but it can sometimes be a bit sweeter. Fruits vary in how sweet they are. However, it’s not as sweet as regular yellow dragonfruit.

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Pitahaya is ready to eat as soon as it’s picked. Right away, eat them or put them in the fridge.

Do Asunta 6 and 24 exist ?

Yes, No. 6 really exists. What can’t be said about number 24. I assume that this number is taken from one of the fruits that had a brix score of as much as 24!

Naturally, such a one-time result, with no possibility of repetition, means nothing. So there are still six of them. By the way, quite often I hear the idea that the variety Chameleon and Asunta 24 are one and the same. This, too, is obviously a mistake. Why? Because there is no variety with this number, but there is Chameleon. The description that we found for the alleged variety #24 does not match what “Chameleon” sort really is.

Asunta 5 ripe dragon fruit photo


One of the newest things made. Not self Fertile. Need to pollinate each other. Can use pollen from Tricia or from another plant. Nice flowers that are bright purple.

The name Sunset Sherbet was a great fit for this variety because its skin was the color of the sun setting and its flesh tasted like fruity sherbet. Really a DF cultivar that tastes great and will soon be loved by everyone who tries it.


What is Asunta DF?
Asunta is a type of dragon fruit. The fruit is said to have a sweet taste with a hint of sourness.
Where can I find Asunta pitahaya?
You can find Asunta dragon fruit at many Asian markets. It is also sometimes called "pitaya" or "strawberry pear.
What is known about the other varieties?
We have prepared a separate article about each variety. Read about the features of 1, 2, 3 and 4 "generations".
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